Faking it for Pennies


Ladies, lets be honest…Spending hundreds of dollars on the latest products can seem exciting for a while, but there comes a time when our cabinets start overflowing with bottles of wonder cream claiming to smooth ends or zap zits for the small price of $59.99. So what is a savvy girl to do? Pull out some of those old tricks your mother swore by. And no, I’m not talking about buying multiple bottles of Aqua Net and doing an old fashion “bump it”. I am talking about tried and true beauty tricks costing you pennies or less! Lets get started…


See that huge jar of mayonnaise that will take you an entire year to devour and put it to good use, on your hair! Let it sit on your hair for 15 minutes and wash out for silky, shiny strands.

Baby Powder, not just for the baby’s bottom or a way to soak up sweat anymore! Feeling a little greasy but no time to go through a full wash and blow out? Sprinkle some baby powder in your hands, rub into scalp and comb through ends to soak up oil.

Try dryer sheets to tame fly aways and give a shower fresh smell for a quick freshen up.

Feeling a little dry, but don’t feel adventurous enough to try mayo…try a little dab of olive oil to add shine to distressed hair.

Too much buildup from gel, mousse and hair spray can be solved easily with a vinegar rinse. Although it works like a charm, I would probably do this at night to avoid offending any friends at your work place or use apple cider vinegar.

Adding baking soda to shampoo can be a great clarifier to your hair. Baking Soda also helps to whiten teeth.

Next time you burn yourself using a straightener or curling iron, put toothpaste on it. Helps take out the sting and relieves pain.

When skin looks a bit rough, save the trip to the spa and mix sugar and lemon juice together until it forms a paste. Use on face or body and rinse the dry skin down the drain. And hey you will smell pretty sweet afterwards!

Instead of buying pricey eyebrow gel, pull out an old toothbrush and spray some hairspray on it and slick down the wild hairs in the shape you desire.

Vaseline makes the perfect lip moisturizer. If you are feeling adventurous, add a touch of your favorite eye color for a perfect tinted lip gloss.

The summer time aloe vera isn’t just good for sunburns anymore. Pull it out of the back of the cabinet and use on puffy eyes.

Out of shaving cream? Use hair conditioner for sexy legs!

Use the back of a spoon to curl lashes. Put it on your lash line and press lashes firmly against it to create a curl.

You can also keep a spoon in the freezer to use on puffy eyes or enlarged blemishes.

If you are prone to break outs, try a honey facial! It has a great source of antioxidants and helps to soothe red skin.


I hope these money saving tricks will stretch your beauty budget effortlessly! Sometimes the best solutions are hiding in your cabinets. Dust off those bottles and give these tricks a try!






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