A peek into my shower

I believe that a woman’s beauty regime is a very sacred practice. Choosing beauty products is serious business. While I love to give advice on what products to use, there are some that never get the glory they deserve.  So I am going to start giving you all a peek into my beauty life and what products I use.

Lets start with the shower. Being a self-proclaimed queen of hair care products, I have an average of 15 different shampoos in my shower at all times.

I never use the same shampoo two days in a row…Why? Maybe I crave variety, maybe I cannot commit, but I believe that your hair will be healthier if you keep it on its toes.


Different smells, different formulations and different price points. I will show you a few of my favorites

Suave: Everyone’s dirty little secret. Let’s be honest, no one really wants to admit they have Suave shampoo in their shower. A full bottle retails for $1.95 and sounds anything less luxurious. But let’s give it the credit it deserves. It is a great clarifying shampoo. I guarantee it will strip all build up out of your hair. And a wide variety of smells gives me the variety I crave.



Aussie 2 in 1 and Pantene Color Protection: Love, Love, Love both of these shampoos. I have always had Aussie in my shower because the smell is to die for. (Obviously I am extremely motivated by scent, and this extends in many areas of my life. I smell everything!) They have many different lines including volume, moisture, cleanse, and smooth. I tend to go for moist in this line and even use a 2 in 1 for those days I am in a time crunch. But whatever your needs are, they have something for you. Pantene I love also. Thanks to the advertising, I feel like I can have bouncy beautiful hair by using their products. Now, my hair has never actually looked like their models, but nonetheless I like it! There are also many varieties for different hair needs.


Rusk Bright: My favorite salon brand. No competition. I believe that every blond needs a purple shampoo in their shower. Purple shampoo is specifically formulated to fight brassiness that can haunt anyone who has highlights.





Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Volume: This is the holy grail of my shampoo collection. Alterna Hair Care brands themselves as the skincare for hair. They have created an anti aging line of products to protect hair from UV rays and pollution that can weigh hair down. It is sulfate free, which is harder to get used to because basically it doesn’t foam up like normal shampoos. But I promise, it will make your hair feel better than anything else you could ever buy.




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