Beauty on a Budget – Drugstore Beauty

I don’t know about you but sparkle and color distract me. While on a sick day I made a trip to Rite Aid to stock up on some medicine, before I even made it to the medicine aisle I found myself in the makeup aisle looking at all the pretty nail polishes colors. Rite Aid was having a special for Wet N Wild, buy one get one 50% off. The polishes retail for $1.99. I was drawn to the blue teal sparkle polish called Teal of Fortune and the other polish is FuchsiaRama. There are 18 polishes total ranging from green to red to violet.

This is one coat of Teal of Fortune. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the second coat. This was my favorite of the two.  The next day it chipped but i did not add a top coat. I liked that the polish peeled right off in the shower because I do not like using nail polish remover.

This is the first coat of three coats of FuchsiaRama. The color in the bottle looks better then what came out on my nails. Each nail look like a different shade and with three coats I could still see the white of my nails. The unevenness of the color on each nail bothered  me. Another thing I did not like about the polish was the wide brush. I felt like it was too wide for my nails. Overall I would say stick to the glitter Wild N Wild polishes.

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