Beauty on a Budget – Drugstore Mascara, It’s Complicated

A new mascara always starts out just like a new relationship, exciting and full of potential. Usually it ends up in heartbreak and lies. The beginning is always beautiful it keeps its promises, your lashes stay curled all day or the volume of your lashes were sky high as promised. Little did you know you were not in love just in puppy love and soon the mascara would turn on you and show its true colors. By lunch time your lashes are deflated and the clump free no mess promise is out the door. You wonder what went wrong. Is it you? Of course not you didn’t change, the mascara did.

Mascara is my friend and foe. I will let you on a little secret. When I was little I used to be scared of mascara and eye lash curler. When my mother would do my makeup for Halloween I dreaded that contraption known as the eyelash curler and that wand that was clearly going to poke out my eyeballs. But now I am all grown up and that fear was conquered a long time ago. I love mascara but I am still in search of the perfect mascara. If you were to categorize it in a relationship it would be It’s Complicated. I am always trying out a different mascara each time mostly drugstore. For me I don’t see spending over $10 for a mascara since it lasts 3 months hygienically and you use it almost everyday so you go through it fast. Enough with the chit chat time for the review.

Maybelline I would have to say would be my favorite or preferred drugstore mascara. I tried Volum’ Express One by One in Blackest Black. The brush featured above I believe is patented and is supposed to catch and declump. Pretty much it gives you volume without all the clumpy mess. It did give my lashes volume but I did experience some mess not too bad though. I’ve been using this mascara for two weeks so there is still some excitement in this relationship. I am pretty happy with it. I will keep you updated if this relationship continues to flourish or falls flat. The picture of my eye below is with one coat.

3 thoughts on “Beauty on a Budget – Drugstore Mascara, It’s Complicated

  1. oh you KNOW how i love a good mascara! can’t wait to hear your review on that one and see if I should add that to MY collection / kit as well!!
    i still like the stiletto lash by them as well……..we’re still in the dating stages but so far this one isn’t that “complicated”.

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