Summer Music Festival Beauty Essentials

As I am packing for Coachella Valley Music and Arts festival I decided I should blog about which beauty products are essential for a long day in the sun. These are my musts for a weekend of fun and sun in the desert.

Floppy Hats are optional I believe. If you are not a hat person then you’re not. They do keep your scalp from getting burned, help hide your face from the sun and  can add an extra touch to an outfit.

Sun protection is key when you are outdoors all day in the sun. I love Josie Maran’s Argan Oil Daily Moisturizer with SPF 40 for my face, I use it everyday. It blocks UVA and UVA rays. Just because you put sunblock on in the morning does not mean you are protected all day. Don’t forget to reapply especially when you are outside. Also regular sunscreen for your body, I don’t have a favorite brand I just prefer a decent SPF. I also like to apply sunscreen in my scalp because if I am not wearing a big floppy hat my scalp will burn and flake.

Nail polish is a fun and easy way to express your tootsies. I like to experiment with bold colors. You can get away with fun bright colors at a music festival. I prefer to only give myself a pedicure because my manicure will end up chipping and will bother me the whole weekend.

I like to have a bright bold lip while keeping the rest of my makeup simple. It’s hot and sweaty, you do not want to worry about raccoon eyes.  My favorite lipstick brands are Lipstick Queen and MAC. I haven’t and would like to try Lime Crime, they have bright bold colors to die for. If lipstick isn’t your thing try a lip stain like Josie Maran. They last for up to 8 to 12 hours and are a no fuss way to having bold lips.

Last but not least a beauty essential of mine is a tinted moisturizer. Ditch the heavy cakey foundation and opt for a light airy tinted moisturizer. I started ditching my foundation for a tinted moisturizer and I am like the no fuss application. As of now I do not have a favorite but I am willing to experiment with many brands.

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