Beauty on a Budget – Drugstore Hair Color

I’m not one to talk about haircare too much I leave that up to Megan that’s her forte but Clairol recently had a promotion going on at their facebook page promoting their new foam Nice ‘N Easy Easy Color Blend Foam. They were giving away a certain amount of the new hair color away and I was lucky enough to get one. It has been about two years since I have colored my hair last and I thought why not and I get to try the new trend of foam hair color.

I first started altering my hair color when I was ten. I experimented with Sun In. I’m not sure if they even make it anymore but it is a spray in and relies on the sun to lighten your hair. Well to sum it up it wasn’t the best idea I had and my mother looks back on pictures of me with my hair and wonders what the hell she was thinking letting me do that. I’ve been dyeing my hair on and off during high school. I’ve only used at home coloring kits. I’m a brunette and I’ve never done anything extreme with my color, just black to brownish reddish.

The foam starts out as a liquid and then turns to a foam when you mix the two. It is a permanent dye that covers grays and is supposed to be less messy then liquid hair dyes. My mother was the one who applied it for me. Compared to normal hair dye I do not think it was any less messier. I felt it was maybe more messier or it could have just been the fact that it has been awhile since I dyed my hair. I went a little lighter but does not do much to my hair, but I could notice a little bit of difference in the sun. I really don’t think it is any better then regular hair color. I say go with whatever is on sale or whatever you are use to.

My after picture. See the post below for my before picture. I do not notice a difference at all, if there is one I would say it is because of lighting.

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