The ABC’s of Skin Cancer

Hey beauties, I am still on my safe sunning soapbox. I’ve lectured about sunscreen (and I hope you have taken some advice) but now I want to give you the tools to better understand the difference between a beauty mark and something more serious.

When checking your sun spots, keep these tricks in mind to decide if it is something that should be checked out by the dermatologist…and it’s as easy as learning your abc’s

A-    Asymmetry- Most healthy moles are symmetrical. So if you draw an invisible line down the middle of the spot, both sides should look the same.

B-    Border- The edges should be smooth, if there is some sort of irregularity, definitely get it checked out.

C-    Color- Solid color means healthy; spotted or multicolored moles are of definite concern.

D-   Diameter- Rule of thumb is, if the mole is larger than the eraser of a pencil, it could be cancerous.

E-    Evolving- If you notice a mole changing in any way, shape or form haul it into the dermatologist.

All of my fair skinned ladies beware. The less melanin we have, the more likely we are to burn and therefore more susceptible to developing skin cancer. Also if an immediate relative has battled with melanoma, you are 50% more likely to develop this cancer also.

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer and also the rarest. Only 3 to 4 % of skin cancer cases turn into this deadly disease, and mostly affecting women between the ages of 25-29. By the time it reaches this point, the results can be catastrophic.

So remember beauties, while you are laying by the pool this summer, don’t forget to sunscreen up!



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