Proactiv, Prolazy

Hey beauties… I am on a soap box… or more precisely a face soap box.. and this box is called proactivlazy. I went on a quest for clear skin a few months ago and unfortunately my quest ended short. I had extremely high hopes for what Proactiv could do for my skin, but in the end the formulation was obviously not correct.

So enter my new skin savior… No Zit Sherlock by Bliss.

If you have never used Bliss products you definitely should give them a try. I have sworn by their moisturizer for a few years now, so it is no surprise that I have fallen head over heels for their acne system.

The starter package comes with a creamy facewash and toner in 1, correcting serum and an oil free moisturizer. It is loaded with salicyclic acid to blast away bacteria and fade acne marks and probiotics like yogurt and meadowsweet extracts to soothe skin.

I have been using it for a week now and I have already seen an improvement. I love the creamy texture and the medicinal smell. (if any product smells medicinal, I automatically think it works better. beauty jedi magic?? maybe) Anyways, I highly recommend it and if you are still struggling to find something, give it a try! XOXO

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