How to treat a sunburn

While I was writing this post I was googling pictures of sunburns to include and while that was not a pretty sight, I decided on a picture of Kim Kardashian with a facial sunburn, ouch! While we do all that we can to protect ourselves from the sun sometimes the inevitable happens and we get burnt. I was recently a victim of a vicious sunburn partly my fault. For one was sunblock was expired and the medication I am on made me sun sensitive which I didn’t know until after. I have some tips to help you soothe that ailing sunburn you may experience this summer.

You don’t need to buy some fancy burn relief spray from the drugstore, you’re wasting your money. I bought one and wasted my money, take it from me. They only give you a second of relief, you can’t go the whole day spraying yourself. To relieve a nasty sunburn you will need two things aloe vera and vinegar. Yes you read that right vinegar. When purchasing aloe vera from the store please buy the clear aloe vera. What comes from the  aloe vera plant is white not green, you do not need any synthetic dye. Better yet if you have access to an aloe vera plant then you are one lucky duck. I’m sure by now you are dying to know why vinegar. Well vinegar is a miracle to sunburns or burns in general. There are some different ways to use vinegar on your sunburn. You can soak a wash cloth in vinegar and apply it over the burn. You can get a spray bottle and fill it with vinegar and spritz yourself throughout the day or you can take a relaxing bath with vinegar in the bath water. Hopefully you won’t need to use these things and you will have a safe sun summer. Enjoy the rest of the summer while you can!

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