Dare to go Bare

Hey beauties….

On the monday after the VMA’s, the fashion blogs have been full of snap shots from last nights scene of outrageous outfits. But of course in my true beauty fashion… I was dying over hair and make up trends. And there was a very common thread between many of the gorgeous starlets bracing the black carpet in LA.


(PS: Selena Gomez has a red lip, but that dress is so fab I figured she deserved a little credit)

Now I realize this is nothing new, but my my, how refreshing it is to see these celebs so fresh faced while rocking classic LBDs.

The nude lip is a very tricky look to pull off because it can easily go from fab to making you look like a ghost. So I am here to help guide you to your perfect shade through different skin tones.

Fair Skin: stick with a nude with a pinkish undertone and avoid beige at all costs!

Olive Skin: Peachy or beige tints will work best for this tan beauty

Dark Skin: Rich brown with a hint of shimmer works best

Now there is a lot of leeway in there and nude lip stick just might take a little bit of trial and error. But once perfection is achieved, it will be totally worth it!

Dont be afraid to punch up the color in the eyes or cheeks to balance out that nude lip. And this look works great during the day or at night! It gives that yes I look this amazing without the appearance of a lot of make up. Fabulous for any day of the week.

Go naked! Happy hunting XOXO

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