Pretty Is Not Enough

Hey beauties,

So I have started thinking about beauty….what it means to be beautiful….what is our perception of beauty….what qualifies someone to be beautiful….etc.

Myself and all of my beauty addicts are guilty of becoming obsessed over the latest technologies to smooth out a line, accentuate the eyes, plump lips etc etc. BUT why are we so obsessed with hiding every flaw instead of embracing our natural beauty?! Well I’ll tell you why…society has forced us to believe that we must fit into a certain mold and I know we all know the story and have grotesque examples of it. (thanks debus for sparking my creative juices with the aa post)

So the other day I was catching up on whatever reality tv show I was watching when the most enlightening campaign came across the airwaves. Bare Escentuals has started a new campaign called Pretty is Not Enough, encouraging women to go beyond having a pretty face and doing something with the natural beauty inside of them. Pretty is who you are, but beauty is what you do with it.

What I was most impressed with was when searching for models for this campaign, a blind casting call was held and executives did not see the women until they were narrowed down based on a personality quiz discovering how they use their beauty. The campaign will include unretouched commercials, print ads, etc featuring the 5 women chosen.

A facebook app called “share the force” will allow users to forward posts to friends to say they are a force of beauty and will be invited to participate in a complementary “make under” at a local boutique.

Pretty interesting stuff, I will be curious to watch how this campaign proceeds and the publics opinion of it. Incase you haven’t seen the commercial yet…


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