Beauty Social Sunday Review

I got to attend the first ever Beauty Social hosted by Beautylish. The event was last Saturday and Sunday at the lovely Loews hotel in Santa Monica. The event infused beauty demonstrations, discussions and treatments with social media beauties, beauty head honchos, beauty experts and beauty lovers in a two event that had a goodie bag heavier than me. I only attended Sunday which had discussions featuring Annie and Maggie Ford Danielson of Benefit Cosmetics, a panel discussing Brown Girl Beauty which had Patrice Grell Yursik, Nyssa Green, Jeffrey Paul and Sean Cameron.

I got a fabulous glitter tattoo by the lovely Ava at Urban Decay. You could choose from sparrow, snake or a rose but I wanted to match my sparrow top. The colors are vibrant and gorgeous and last for days. Perfect for those who are scared of commitment of a real tattoo like myself.  

Billy B celebrity makeup artist was also a speaker. His most famous face is Lady Gaga but he has been in the game long before. He has graced the beautiful faces of Lauryn Hill, Pink and did makeup for TLC’s “Waterfalls”. He gave the best advice for those wanting to break into the industry as makeup artists. He said “Succes is being the best makeup artist you can be” and “Trends are fun but created by the cosmetic brands”.     

The saved the best for last in my opinion. The final speaker was makeup artist, youtube tutorial blogger extraordinaire Kandee Johnson. If you have not heard of her you must go check her out now (, well after you finish up here because you will get lost matching all of the fabulous youtube videos she creates. Besides how much of an awesome makeup artist she is, she is also the most positive person and sweetest you will meet. She had the whole Beauty Social crowds attention. She came on stage and didn’t come up with a speech or anything planned, she said “I wing my eyeliner like I wing my life”. Great words to live by.

If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area next time they do throw another Beauty Social, I encourage you to go. You will meet some great people who have a passion for beauty just like you.


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