Why didn’t I think of that?

There are products that come into this world that I see and exclaim why didn’t I think of that! Well I was recently aware of the new Goody Double Wear which I was introduced to at Beauty Social and I proudly exclaimed “omg I do that, and why didn’t I think of that”. By now I’m sure you’re like well what is Double Wear you speak of , take a look of me below. I am a victim and I am sure that you are too.

A victim of what you say? That looks just like a normal picture of you standing next to some pretty flowers. Take a look below at exhibit A. Notice I am doing the dreaded hair tie bracelet crime. I’m guilty, guilty as charged! If we were to go through all my photos you would find a lot more like this.

Goody has now solved the crime of hair tie bracelets by actually combining the two. Genius! They have created a  bracelet + hair tie in one as well as necklace + headband. I will now be photographed wearing my Goody Double Wear and no one will know it’s secretly a hair tie. Why didn’t I think of that!



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