Ombre Nails

Happy New Year Beauties!

Hope these winter months have been beautiful for you so far, and if you are feeling a bit drab, why not switch it up with a new nail color! I myself am drawn to darker colors in the winter, but decided to amp things up to give my hands a fresh spring feel. But painting nails all one color is a little bit boring and doing each one a different color reminds me of elementary school.

A new trend has been flooding the beauty world and it is the ombre design. This is basically fading from dark to light. It can be done on hair (which I think is fabulously fun)

Or can transition very nicely and less permanently onto nails.

And if you are feeling very ambitious, you can try to fade the color on each nail from cuticle to tip. I would imagine this would be for the skilled and very patient nail artist.

So whatever way you decide to go, I hope you find it a fun and refreshing way to switch up the same old mani’s.


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