Unconventional Beauty Tools

Tape can be used for many different beauty purposes. Tape can be placed under your eyes to prevent eyeshadow fallout from getting all over your face. I use tape when I use a really glittery eyeshadow and the glitter pigments fall on my face.  It makes a great glitter picker upper! Tape can be also placed on the corner of your eyes to help you perfect that cat liner wing.

I use a safety pin in a pinch when I cannot find my eyelash definer. I don’t suggest using a sharp object that close to your eye. I rarely use the safety pin but you can also use the stud of your earring if you are really in a pinch and your lashes must be separated at that exact moment.

A spoon is another great item to use in a pinch if you happen to be without an eyelash curler.  A spoon you may question…yes a spoon the same utensil you eat ice cream with. Some say it works better than an actual eyelash curler. I can say it sure does work good when you Shu Uemura has gone missing!

A tooth brush (preferably unused) can be used to smooth and tame your unruly eyebrows. Also you can use it to tame those annoying baby hairs that tend to stick up.

Those are the unconventional beauty tools that I keep in my vanity. What unconventional beauty tools do you use?

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