Sara’s Essential Lip Products

When it comes to creating a perfect pout this are my essential products that I go to time and again to create a long lasting lip.

I exfoliate my lips. I usually don’t buy exfoliating lips products but I was give the C.O. Bigelow by a friend. You can just make your own with sugar and honey or olive oil. I tend to exfoliate more in the winter because that is when my lips tend to flake the most.

Secondly I moisturize my lips with Eve Lom Kiss Mix. It’s one of my favorite lip moisturizing products, it keeps my lips moist by not greasy and is great for the winter when my lips tend to dry out and crack. I let that soak into my lips while I apply the rest of my makeup. If the Kiss Mix has not soaked in all the way when I am done with the rest of my makeup I will just wipe it off.

Elizabeth Arden Lip-Fix Cream is great for keeping your lipstick on your lips. It prevents feathering and bleeding and you can reapply throughout the day.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect is for those who were not born with Angelina Jolie lips and are scared of fish lips or as they are called by others lip injections. It gives my lips a nice plumpness not an inflatable tire look.

POP Beauty Lip Magnet primer is exactly what the name says. It locks down your lip color all day. It also takes covers up my natural lip color so I get the lipstick color straight out of the tube.

What products do you tend to use to get your desired lip?

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