Hair Color Nightmare

Hair Color Nightmare:

So, have you ever had one of those accidents with hair color and it comes out nowhere near what you want/expect it to?

Well, I have had PLENTY of my fair share of nightmares.

I took cosmetology in high school and saying I was experimental with hair color would have been an understatement. Let’s just say, I started cosmo with shoulder length hair and ended it with a pixie cut. We live and we learn right?? Apparently I needed another lesson.

Last night, I was doing my lovers hair and normally when you bleach out the roots, it will be uneven. So then the next natural step would be to tone it to even out the color. BUT BEWARE! If you are toning with a blonde, always use a neutral. I repeat, always use a neutral.

The lover is obsessed with ash blonde’s and being the good girlfriend I am, I picked up some ash ash blonde as a surprise. So I proceed to bleach the Mohawk and then put the color on it after. After processing, I am rinsing the hair out and busted out into a fit of laughter/mortification/disbelief. The tips were BLUE. I mean, how does blonde hair color turn the hair blue? This question racked my brain over and over again.

Well, let me answer that question for you. After bleaching, the hair is extremely porous and is more likely to deposit the base color of whatever shade you use. Ash bases are blue which equals light blue tips.

I was pretty sure I was going to be murdered, but after quite a bit of laughter and applying more bleach for about 2 minutes, the blue lifted out. The hair is damaged, but at least it isn’t blue. I have now learned an extremely valuable lesson and will hopefully *crosses fingers* never make that mistake again!

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