Beauty Confessions

Ladies and gentlemen it is now time for beauty confessions. No we are not letting out our deepest darkest secrets in the Real World confessional this isn’t MTV. We all have some beauty confessions that we are hiding. “Me, I don’t have anything to confess”, as you hid that box of scrunchies.

I am ready to confess my biggest secret that many do not know about me and it even surprises me. I have never had a professional manicure or pedicure in a salon. That feels good to get it out. They only fancy thing I’ve done to my nails was get acrylics for my Junior prom which I hated. For Christmas my former roommate  and still bff gave me a gift certificate to a local salon to get my very first manicure and pedicure. I decided to treat myself to a pre birthday pampering and last week got my very first maincure and pedicure. Why the hell did I wait so long. Well one reason I bite my nails so my nails are usually too short and as for pedicures I not a big fan of people touching my feet. Well I think I will be making up for lost time.

My recently purchased 4 Butter London polishes from Coterie which have great exclusive deals. They happened to arrive before my birthday and I used Bluey on my toes and Knacked on my nails. I also got All Hail the Queen (pictured below) and Hardwear P.D. Topcoat (not pictured).

Do you have any beauty confessions? Now is the time to spill. Off to the salon to get another mani/pedi!

2 thoughts on “Beauty Confessions

  1. Oh my gosh, you’ve been missing out for too long! I guess my only beauty confession would be that I’ve never dyed my hair. When everyone else was experimenting with highlights, I’ve always just kept my natural brunette!

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