Intensely hydrated with Burt’s Bees

This was my skin before trying Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration. Okay no not really its just a dramatic reenactment like something out of I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, but you get the point that my skin was really dry. Enter in Burt’s Bees new line Intense Hydration.  Being a Bzz Agent I got to try the Cream Cleanser, Treatment Mask and Night Cream but there is also Day Cream and Eye Cream.

Intense Hydration line contain Clary Sage which is a tough plant in the Mediterranean that has the ability to adapt and retain moisture.  My favorite product of all 3 that I tried is the Cream Cleanser. It took off my makeup after a long day and did not leave my skin feeling stripped, dry or tight. If you are experiencing dry skin due to the winter months or just all year I would suggest you try out the Intense   Hydration line.



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