Jennifer Aniston’s big reveal

The world is finally excited we get to see Jennifer Aniston’s engagement ring in this new photo with her fiance Justin Theroux. The photo was taken over the weekend while the couple was in New Mexico. Forget the ring! Does any else see that bear claw of a clip on her purse? That’s what we really should be talking about.  Show me a photo of Jen wearing that clip out in public, now that’s a picture I would like to see. Who does she think she is Snooki?

Thoughts, Opinions, Concerns? I will be on Jennifer hair clip watch in the meantime.

Why didn’t I think of that?

There are products that come into this world that I see and exclaim why didn’t I think of that! Well I was recently aware of the new Goody Double Wear which I was introduced to at Beauty Social and I proudly exclaimed “omg I do that, and why didn’t I think of that”. By now I’m sure you’re like well what is Double Wear you speak of , take a look of me below. I am a victim and I am sure that you are too.

A victim of what you say? That looks just like a normal picture of you standing next to some pretty flowers. Take a look below at exhibit A. Notice I am doing the dreaded hair tie bracelet crime. I’m guilty, guilty as charged! If we were to go through all my photos you would find a lot more like this.

Goody has now solved the crime of hair tie bracelets by actually combining the two. Genius! They have created a  bracelet + hair tie in one as well as necklace + headband. I will now be photographed wearing my Goody Double Wear and no one will know it’s secretly a hair tie. Why didn’t I think of that!




Hey beauties!

I am extremely ecstatic to announce to you that my favorite jewelry designer has teamed up with a haircare industry genius to present to us a set of highly exclusive tools!!

Here it is….

Tarina Tarantino for Paul Mitchell

This exclusive collection comes out in November which just so happens to be my birthday month…(hint hint) Pretty fabulous I’d say!