Lydia Deetz Halloween Makeup

Lydia Deetz is the perfect Halloween costume for last minute or for Beetlejuice lovers. Makeup doesn’t take that much effort and the hair, the messier the better! Here are the products and steps I used to create my Lydia look. Lydia Deetz Halloween Makeup


1) Remove any redness from your face. You want to look pale and almost dead. I used Pixi’s Redness Reducing Primer. When it comes to foundation I went about two shades lighter then my skin. You don’t want to use white Halloween makeup, you are not a mime or ghost.  I used Revlon Colorstay foundation and topped it off with Flawless Vitamin Veil by Pixi. My foundation was set by Makeup Forever’s HD Powder.

2) Eye makeup is pretty simple. I lined my eyes with MAC’s carbon eyeshadow and used Gravity a purplish shade from Urban Decays Book of Shadow. I topped that off by adding some MAC Cranberry eyeshadow in my crease. Don’t forget to emphasize under your eyes! Lydia dark circles are emphasized in the movie. I took Cranberry eyeshadow and just followed where my dark circles are. You want to blend, blend, blend because it will just not look good. I topped off my eye makeup with Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara.

3) Second to last step I added chapstick because I didn’t want my lips to look dry but I also did not want any color.

4) Finish off with Urban Decay Setting Spray because it’s going to be a long Halloween night baby!

5) I forgot one last step. Don’t forget to summon Bettlejuice, Bettlejuice, Bettlejuice.


Happy Halloween!