Nail Lover Holiday Gift Guide

Nail Lover Holiday Gift Guide

Shatter Polish

Beauties! Finally I have gotten my hands on some OPI Shatter nail polish. After a long and desperate hunt to find the latest beauty craze, I put on my thinking cap and figured out the perfect place to find it….JC Penny. As you well know, there are many Sephora inside JC Penny locations popping up all over the place. (I personally think this is completely worthless because the employees have proved to be disappointing time and time again…but that is a story for another day.) Let’s get to the point…SHATTER POLISH. One word, amazing.

Here are a few tips when using shatter polish.

1. You can use OPI Shatter over any brand or color of nail polish, but make sure the base coat is completely dry before you apply the shatter.

2. You have to work really fast because the shatter clumps up very quickly.

3. Try to only use one thin coat. A very thin coat will achieve thinner cracks and looks more like a shatter, but if you apply a thick coat the shatter look wide and clumpy.

4. Apply a clear base coat because it can stain the fingers when removing polish. Shatter dries matte, so if you like a shiny nail, apply a top coat.

So I started experimenting with different colors on my nails. Keep in mind, I never paint my nails because I am a biter so if they look a bit rough, you know why. I picked up a bottle of navy polish because they were out of black and my bff bought silver shatter. She has beautiful nails, so I asked to take a picture of hers so there would be some contrast.

So after painting and re-painting probably five times, I must say I am completely sold. I am hoping people will get their fill of it quickly so that I can stock up on the different colors. So good luck on the hunt beauties, but the reward of that hard work is totally worth it!! Happy painting!

Confessions of a nail biter

Yes I will admit that I am a nail biter. I’ve been biting them for as long as I can remember and have tried everything to stop. The only time I do not bite my nails is when they are painted but the one thing that drives me crazy is chipped nail polish. I feel every nail polish claims they are chip free or resistant but never are. The longer I can keep my nail polish without chips the longer my nails will stay away from my mouth. Sally Hansen always has great innovative nail care products. I came across Insta-Dri. You apply it two minutes after you apply your nail color and it dries your polish in 30 secs. That I could care less about, what intrigued me was no-chip up to 10 days. Up to, so not exactly ten days but if it lasts a work week I will be one happy lady. The first time I used it I used a nude pinkish nail color from Pop Beauty called O’Boy. It lasted I would say five days with slight wear by the sixth day there was visible chips. I of course did not document this. I did though document round two. I used Pop Beauty nail polish again in Punkd.

Night One

Night Two Slight wear on the tips
Two Nights Later, Chipped I removed the polish the next day.

All in all I am still not giving up on Insta Dri. It worked really well with the lighter polish. Follow us on twitter @BeautySpectacle. I will keep you updated on my next manicure and see how long it lasts.