Organization and Z Palettes

This is where I paint my face every morning. The more makeup I accumulate the more my “makeup area” becomes disorganized and messy. I have very limited space in my room so I try and make the best of it. I love being organize and with my hectic busy life it really helps me out. This space has been bugging me for quite some time so with it being the beginning of the year I decided to whip my area into shape. I recently discovered the Z Palette from makeup artist and blogger extraordinaire Kandee Johnson.

Z Palette is an empty customizable magnetic makeup palette in other words an organizational dream, created my makeup artist Zena Shteysel. At first I was apprehensive about the Z Palette because I am a perfectionist so I like my makeup to be perfect in its original packaging. Well I got over that very quickly when I thought about the less compacts I would have the more space and organization I could achieve. The Z Palettes come in 2 sizes, large palette 8′” by 4.75″ and small palette 3.8″ by 3.8″. I choose to go with the large palettes in zebra and leopard, there is also pink and black.

I couldn’t wait to start depotting my makeup and getting my Z Palettes filled. I had a shoe filled with makeup that I wanted to add. Unfortunately I had too much makeup for just two palettes so I will be purchasing more in the future. I found that some cheaper cosmetics fell apart when I tried to take them out of their packaging but most of the cosmetics depotted with no problems.

These are my finished palettes. I can’t wait to get more and get rid of my bulky packaging and declutter my life. Who doesn’t want to travel with all their makeup in one convenient palette, gives you more room for shoes ladies.

This is my finished makeup area. I hope I can keep this area nicely organized. Check out for Z Palettes and like them on facebook to receive 10% off.